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Think about the best prospects for your heritage and support you with ethics.

Build the future by constant listening, act with innovative responses, take care of the protection of your heritage, transmit knowledge of our expertise and reflections, so that you understand and that we act together.

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Our history


A firm will: bring together the synergy of our experiences and share our values with you.


Our history, a firm desire: to bring together the synergy of our experiences and share our values with you. Company founded by complementary profiles recognized for their professional qualities in the world of consulting and finance, identified by personalities with common values, the associates of Harmony Family Office are above all intended to work in a humanist approach, converging towards an eternal empathy. The meeting of the founders was the gathering of common wishes in the world of finance : a desire to offer a rich service of ethics very quickly different and visible with international reflections. The values of the company are essentially turned towards a goal that consists in lasting satisfaction with their customers. Led by partners who are open to the outside world, marked by different experiences, curious, and selective with the best experts by category in the world, Harmony Family Office signs its values through discernment and knowledge. These two terms are essential, they feed the sense of everyday life to work with real transparency. The history of the company is above all the concern of creating a promise, with its will to bring an obvious added value: answer at all times our clients’ questions and know how to detail all the answers

The singularity

Transparency, innovation.

Know how to re-invent to best adapt to international analysis.

Above all concerned with the tranquility of its clients, Harmony Family Office constantly strives to bring together new ideas to provide the most suitable solutions. Each asset situation systematically involves different analyzes and expertise. Each solution is shared with the client and experts. Harmony Family Office works independently and thus analyzes with its own processes the various assets on all international markets. The vision of the markets is above all a discernment between the inspection of the macro and micro economic world: measure markets moves and anticipate consequences.


A daily thought process

A strict process


Harmony Family Office selects the best managers, analysts and partners with an international dimension. Innovation is the result of a work methodology. It relies on numerous benchmarks and analyzes to transmit the most accurate and sharp syntheses. The sourcing of experts comes from a selection by their high competence and own reflection. Talent must be added to experience. The confrontation of reflections is both cultural and experimental, it allows to work on different probabilities of results. Harmony Family Office also contributes to the development of different thought algorithms to structure unique strategies. The approach is also mathematical. Harmony Family Office has a network of experts specializing in the world of financial engineering. The proximity with the experts is thus constant.


Sharing experience and knowledge


In order to expose the nuggets of its innovations and to gather interest in the structure of its analyzes, Harmony Family Office offers meetings around subjects of reflections on macroeconomics, microeeconomics, legal and taxation. Customers can thus understand the status of their assets and measure the choices made or to come. Theory invites practice in order to share knowledge.

Services offered by Harmony Family Office

Tailor-made and specialized expertise


Build your constant satisfaction


Audit of the asset situation: explanation and presentation of asset and legal guidelines. Thinking about a new axis positions with a proposal on the ambition of the results.

Portfolio Management: constant advice and views on a situation for long-term heritage preservation. Proposal of solutions in relation to a goal, to markets, and to opportunities. Advice in global arbitrations, legal and tax considerations.

Asset allocation advice: tailor-made management and research according to the client profile in relation to their personality and precise situation. Proposal and explanation of different sharp asset solutions. Tracking Returns via custom and periodic presentations.

Patrimonial Engineering: Legal and fiscal response on financial context and on client’s course of life projection or projects achievements.


Detailed support, teamwork with our experts for all reflection requests.


Company management: Assistance in strategic management of a company (optimization of governance and of managerial structure of the company). Help to external growth (target identification, shopping of best M & A boutiques, of the best legal and banking intermediaries)

Finance company : regular customer of significant shareholdings Monitoring of companies and advice on restructuring or possible disposal of these investments or acquisitions. Assistance in the partial or total sale of the client’s shares in his / her business (identification using professional tools of potential buyers, whether investment or corporate funds, organization of auctions to obtain the best price, identification of the best operational intermediaries)

Fundraising : Studies of the best presentations of strategies, reviewing the project, projection of appointment schedule and selection of the best professional investment by sector.

Heritage property: Monitoring and analysis of the valuation of assets of the client and the opportunity of investments.

Movable Heritage: Analysis and consolidation of investments of movable heritage, followed by yield “investment line”, by category of goods, and all the furniture heritage compared to the benchmark previously agreed with the client.

Tax optimization: Adapt and take care of each case with a view to tax optimization of wealth.

Estate Devolution and Donations: Advice to establish a strategy for estate devolution and / or donations and, at the client’s request, help the latter in the completion of formalities or related acts and contact with notaries, banks, etc.

Philanthropy: Assistance in thinking and developing a philanthropic project, also used to reconnect family members to one another

Purchase of art: Expertise of collections, assistance with purchase or resale.

Creation of financial products: Establishment of dedicated products, customized according to customer expectations.

Legal advice: Provide legal advice in the context of carrying out the above-mentioned missions or put the client in contact with legal advisers competent in the matter.


The vocation of thinking together

A team focused on ethics and thoroughness. A simple appointment allows you to obtain a first audit without any commitment.



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