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You are free, no one can force you to deny yourself for money because you have enough.

However, you realize that with this freedom come new imperatives, even if those imperatives are those famous “rich man problems” that everyone wishes they had. The challenge is no longer to conquer your financial independence, it is now not to lose what you have acquired.

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Suddenly you need many finance and wealth management technicians: bankers, lawyers, insurers, accountants, notaries, various advisers, promoters, fund managers, etc.

  • How do you know if they really comply with the regulations to make you proposals?
  • How to find those who most precisely answer your problems?
  • How to know who are the best among them?
  • How do you know if their tariff claims are reasonable?


We avoid all these pitfalls:

  • We are in Luxembourg, so we are regulated and audited every year, which is not required in other main countries such as England, France, Switzerland or the United States
  • We have internalized the 2 main businesses of our activity:
  1. The legal structuring: this is the foundation, if it is badly done it costs time and money every year. Raphaël Bonfiglioli was responsible for compliance and legal affairs in large banking groups before pursuing this activity independently by founding www.owl-advisory.com
  2. Investment: again, of course, this is a job that can cost you or make you a lot of money depending on how seriously it is undertaken. Gilles de Malbosc managed billions of euros in proprietary capital for major international banks before co-founding Harmony Family Office. He applies the best practices to maximize the risk-return ratio for clients.


Our n°1 specificity: we have internalized the financial structuring

  • We are not forced to use the services of an external partner whose interests are not always aligned with those of the clients, which can have serious consequences year after year
  • We know the best practices of the whole industry, both in terms of quality of service and prices
  • Your personal data is not disclosed indiscriminately but only when the regulator forces us to do so


Our specificity n°2: we have managed the prop capital of the most demanding market’s players

  • Few Family Offices have practical expertise in alternative funds, but when they are well understood and well selected, they have no equivalent for diversifying an investment portfolio
  • The fact of having managed portfolios of considerable size for an institutional clientele makes it natural to use a risk policy approach in order to minimize it as much as possible, which is the best guarantee of your financial freedom’s preservation
  • Our investment network is mainly based in the United States, the cradle of financial innovation, which guarantees that you always take advantage of new opportunities before others and avoid emerging risks.


The vocation of thinking together



Contact : gilles@harmony-fo.com



2 Bvd Grande Duchesse Charlotte – L-1130 Luxembourg